An argument in favor of preserving tradition

Culture grows and some of it die down eventually, if the people practicing it feel suffocated. However, I have offered no semantic interpretation in this round.

Neither of these roles were demeaning, it was a necessary construct for the family to survive and prosper; however to assert that those gender roles should remain in the way the did in the s would be absurd.

Certainly indigenous communities have many challenges with health and sanitation that advanced societies do not, but these differences are not so imbalanced in favor of modernity as we might think.

The good values that we should promote and uphold will always find a way to remain in the end, whereas through blindly protecting culture we prohibit progress and keep positive change from happening. But electors no longer work as independent agents nor as agents of the state legislature.

When we talk about wearing the proper clothes, we are trying to evaluate the personality; the feminine and masculine modesty. A law can never be implemented without displaying ethics that most of the people uphold to be very vital, because we are philosophical beings who try to value life and how we do with it in our own ways.

Despite these issues, many continue to defend the system. But, I would like to point out a few prejudices we hold in that regard. And in our modern times, we have our own. However, I believe that preserving culture still plays a vital role in the development of the society, especially when ethics of freshly written laws, policies and other actions of the leaders in the society are questionable.

We have become culturally more refined with time rather than more savage. By preserving culture, which I would describe in my third argument, we are likely to possess ideals that would make us better and more productive individuals. Does that make sense.

At its roots, traditional knowledge is science in its purest form. The proposal has received support in 10 states and the District of Columbia. This has proved to be more successful than love marriages in the west, with fewer cases of divorces and broken homes. Technically speaking, I felt that the clash was a bit vague, and let some important terms undefined.

We must never prevent progress just so that we can try to prevent progress just to hold onto values that we believe to be right; the right values will always surface and maintain themselves in the end.

Now back to my argument, why are we preserving culture in the first place. How do we preserve culture in the present. Following tradition, therefore, guides our lives and saves us from the many pitfalls and dangers. Data from the campaign indicate that 53 percent of campaign events for Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine in the two months before the November election were in only four states: I am not hinting that everyone should wear what their grandmothers and grandfathers wore during their times, but I'm giving emphasis to the loss of the very value protected by this culture accompanied by the total acceptance of this new way of dressing.

These are all fine traditions that should be maintained at all cost. In fact many organizations like the CBD have begun to advocate for preservation of traditional practices.

Therefore, while individual votes in small States count more than individual votes in large States, it is also the case that large "Swing State' count most, to the detriment of small States that are uniform in voting.

That is the "irrationality" of the EC. It is an "irrationality" that has arguments in its favor. argument in favor Essay Examples. Top Tag’s.

Argumentative Essay on Tradition – An Obstacle to Progress

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Words. to. Search Pages. to. It is an "irrationality" that has arguments in its favor. One of those is the fact that it tends to enfranchise "constituents", avoiding a government of pure numerical majorities. Utilitarian argument/Argument of social utility: 3.

What Are the Arguments Made in Favor--And Against--the Electoral College?

Natural ends argument/Natural law theory: and (3) preserving scarce state and private financial resources. The state's interest in regulating marriage is based on the traditional concept that marriage's primary purpose is procreation.

However, fertility is not a legal condition of. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! Philosophy (Critical Thinking) Test 1. Chapters STUDY. PLAY. Argument. A valid argument form: Either p or q. Not P.

What Are the Arguments Made in Favor--And Against--the Electoral College?

Truth-Preserving. A characteristic of a valid deductive argument in which the logical structure guarantees the truth of the conclusion if the premises are true.

An argument in favor of preserving tradition
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Three common arguments for preserving the Electoral College – and why they're wrong