Writing a self-updating application in c how can your program

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Adding automatic updates to your program - Part 1

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Ray Kurzweil

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Interesting Articles on IBM i by the Four Hundred Guru Interesting Articles on IBM i. The Four Hundred Guru is a specialised section of the IT Jungle website which publishes regular articles on the IBM i, System i, iSeries and AS/ systems. Recently I noticed a summary of rpublished articles that could interest people working with the IBM i systems and I have re-published it below for your.

I was following your artical using the exact file names and paths. When setting up the clickOnce publish properties (using Publish Wizard) I get a warning message when entering "C:\Deployment\sgtraslochi.com" as the place where the application will look for updates, this prevents me from going any further.

A Self Updating Windows Service

May 09,  · Well, they’re actually not self updating, but instead a program to update them that is kicked off when an update is provided.

Since we’re using windows, we can’t update in place. What that means is that the service will need to be shut down to release the file locks and then the files updated and the service restarted. There is a problem that can affect your application.

If it is installed in Program Files folder, there are some Windows versions that doesn't allow the software to create the "work" folder due to permissions.

Get your main application to put all the files / installation details into a low-permission temporary location. When you're ready, start up a smaller application whose only job is to copy over those files to the Program Files directory (and maybe restart your main application with the new updates).

Can anyone give me some pointers on writing "self-updating" python programs? I have an application that is almost ready for beta testing. I want to be able to fix any bugs and push the updates out.

Writing a self-updating application in c how can your program
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